UDL does not require that you make any sudden grand changes. Start small, adding a variety of flexible materials and supports to a single lesson plan, unit, quiz or test. Want to try something new? Maybe you’re looking for a new spin on something that you have been doing in the classroom for years. Maybe just browsing for some ideas. The idea gallery is a collection of activities big and small that fit well in your UDL classroom. Start small or start big. Choose one strategy or activity that  you will commit to trying in your class. Partner with or enlist the help of a colleague to address learning needs that are beyond your experience. Be prepared for it to go well and be as equally prepared to fail. It’s in the mistakes that we learn, we stretch and we grow. We ask our students to take risks with their learning. What risk will you take today?


Key Elements to UDL Implementation

Two of the key elements for successful UDL implementation include the formation of a team of like-minded professionals and ensuring the necessary administrative and IT supports are in place.


Implementation Timeline

Curious about what it might look like to implement UDL over the course of a school year? Take a look at this suggested timeline.


Classroom Design

The class is where it all happens for students so establishing an environment that is inviting and welcoming is important to helping students learn. The classroom should be an emotionally and physically safe space for students. In this section we have a look at ways you can set up your classroom environment to create a learning community.

Teachers in the BC UDL Project consistently identified “choice” as the single most powerful UDL strategy.  Given choice, students will take more ownership of their learning and their motivation to learn will increase.


Case Study: Through a Different Lens

A group of like-minded educators in the BC Okanagan-Skaha school district joined forces to see if one of the elements of UDL, offering student choices, made learning a better experience for both students and teachers.


Technology in the Classroom

Technology in the classroom allows for flexibility in how students engage in the UDL classroom. There are several considerations for effective technology implementation.

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