How do you motivate students to learn in the classroom? The answer may be simpler than you might think.



When students are able to show what they know in the way they choose it boosts student engagement and student understanding.

Respecting Diversity


Building a safe and caring learning environment allows students to take risks with their learning and grow together as a community of learners.

UDL Overview


Using UDL strategies in the classroom ensures that the diverse needs in the classroom are met.



Teachers share some of the strategies they use to address the diverse student need in their classroom when it comes to how they represent the learning materials in the classroom.

UDL: Inspiring Teachers


Teachers share the successes that they have experienced by adopting a UDL mindset and implementing strategies to support all students in their classrooms.

Class Review


Learning is a social enterprise and classrooms are rich grounds for learning. Students learn with and from each other.

Student Profiles


Having students create a learner profile for themselves is a great way to have them develop a better and fuller understanding of who they are as learners.

Rethinking Pullouts


In most districts the current model of support for students with extra learning challenges are often pulled out of the classroom to work with another educator to remediate skills.

Moving It


Active engagement sometimes takes active movement for students. Teachers share some of the strategies they’ve used in class to keep students’ minds and bodies going.

Learning from Mistakes


In UDL-based classrooms, making mistakes is encouraged and supported.  Making mistakes and learning from those mistakes allows learning to be meaningful for students.

UDL: Inspiring Students


Students share how UDL strategies in the classroom have benefited their learning, self-esteem, and sense of community.



Educators and students share their increased engagement in the classroom as a result of flexible learning opportunities in the classroom.

Rethinking Assessment


With all the flexible strategies in the classroom, students need to know how they are being assessed. Educators share how they assess student learning and understanding in a UDL classroom.

Technology in the UDL Classroom


Technology facilitates flexibility in the classroom. It creates many learning opportunities for students to access, engage and demonstrate their learning.