This site and its resources were developed by SET-BC (Special Education Technology – British Columbia) with support from the BC Ministry of Education (Department of Diversity and Equity). The content of the site was developed from a variety of print and online resources and is intended to provide K-12 educators with a starting point for implementing Universal Design for Learning in their classroom.

This resource highlights the many benefits of utilizing UDL strategies in the classroom and includes:

  • video interviews with BC teachers and students in UDL-based classrooms as well as with experts in the area of UDL
  • theoretical framework descriptions
  • implementation plans
  • classroom strategies and assessments

Visitors to the site can explore the site freely or, if you prefer to learn the material in a self-directed course format, select the ‘Examine‘ option on the top menu.


We wish to thank the many BC teachers and students who agreed to be filmed and interviewed about their experiences in the classroom.

Coquitlam: Birchland Elementary

Kelowna: Bankhead Elementary, Black Mountain Elementary and Glenmore Elementary

New Westminster: Glenbrook Middle and Richard McBride Elementary

Penticton: KVR Middle, McNicoll Middle, Penticton Secondary, Princess Margaret Secondary and Skaha Lake Middle

Prince Rupert: Charles Hays Secondary, Pineridge Elementary and Prince Rupert Middle,

Sunshine Coast: Davis Bay Elementary, Kinnikinnick Elementary and Pender Harbour Secondary

Vancouver: David Livingstone Elementary

Post-Secondary Institutions: Leyton Schnellert at the University of British Columbia – Okanagan and Jennfier Katz at the University of Manitoba

Members of the Resource Advisory Committee: Tania Blak, Faye Brownlie, Devon Grewal, Sandra Jost, Michelle Kaupp, Sandy Magnussen, and several SET-BC Consultants.


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