SET-BC was among the early adopters of UDL in BC, Canada and even North America.  From 2007-2010, the Ministry of Education provided SET-BC with funding to conduct a BC UDL Project.  During the three years, 21 school-based teams around the province received technology grants and intensive training in UDL.  Universal Design for Learning in BC:  Legacy of the BC UDL Project was written in the last year of the project by team leaders.

UDL is one of the cornerstones of the 3-tiered SET-BC Service Delivery Model, launched in the 2015/2016 school year.  As SET-BC consultants, we have often seen that supports put in place for students with special needs benefit all students.  While SET-BC continues to support students with complex needs, we also support professional development, classroom projects and technology training designed to help school districts build capacity to address the needs of all learners.  UDL training accounted for over 40% of the professional development workshops requested by school districts in the first year of SET-BC’s model change.

The Ministry of Education has endorsed UDL as an approach that is compatible with its redesigned curriculum.  The curriculum emphasizes personalized learning, and UDL stresses learner variability.  UDL shows educators how to plan a lesson flexible enough to accommodate a wide variety of learners without having to create a different lesson for every student.  The BC curriculum, organized around “big ideas”, is a natural fit with UDL’s goal-based planning.  Like UDL, the BC curriculum advocates for flexibility in classroom instruction, materials, assessment and environments.

Visit the Video Gallery to see UDL in action in BC classrooms.

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