Module 6 – Extend



In the final module of this course, you will learn how other current educational frameworks or strategies complement or support Universal Design for Learning. This module offers an opportunity to learn more about educational frameworks such as 21st Century Learning, Response to Intervention (RTI), and Differentiated Instruction (DI). In the Strategies Gallery, you can explore teaching approaches and practical teaching methods that are a good fit with UDL.

Essential Questions

  • How can educational frameworks guide your practice as an educator?
  • How does having knowledge about complementary educational frameworks enhance your UDL teaching practice?


  • What key concepts do these educational frameworks share? How do they differ?
  • Is there one framework in particular that appeals to your overall teaching philosophy? Why?
  • What aspects of each framework might you incorporate into your practice? Which framework(s) do you want to know more about?

Dig Deeper

The One

Coding is now a part of the BC Curriculum. The coding activities at Hour of Code and provide great examples of Multiple Means of Engagement, Representation, and Expression in action.

The Rest

The Flipped Institute is an excellent place to start learning about the Flipped Classroom.

Often students produce writing for an audience of one, the teacher. Blogging for an authentic audience has motivated many BC students. Here are some tips for Blogging with Students.

Sugata Mitra is an innovative educator and Professor of Educational Technology in the UK. He has delivered several inspiring TED Talks about the resiliency of children in impoverished rural areas able to teach themselves and each other seemingly inaccessible content. From these studies he developed a teacher toolkit to facilitate students into Self-Organized Learning Environments (SOLE). The focus of SOLE is tap into children’s innate sense of wonder and engage in child-driving learning.

Watch Sugata Mitra’s TEDTalk

Download the SOLE Toolkit here

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