Comic Book



Have students create a comic strip or a comic book of what they have learned.




  • Students can work on their own or in groups. This learning activity lends itself naturally to collaboration.
  • If students are uncomfortable being the comic, they can use drawings or objects and models.
  • Teach the features of comic strip/comic book/graphic novel composition to help students narrow their narrative.
  • Students can use paper and pencil or technology to create their comics.


Below is an example of a comic book created by an English Literature Class about the mock epic poem “The Rape of the Lock” by Alexander Pope. Thanks to Naryn Searcy and her English Literature 12 class of 2012-1013 for the submission.

Comic Book Page 1 Comic Book Page 2 Comic Book Page 3 Comic Book Page 4 Comic Book Page 5 Comic Book Page 6 Comic Book Page 7


Links to additional resources, software developers, etc.

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